About Byron's Pro Lumper Service

Byron’s Pro Lumper Service, Inc. is an exciting business dedicated to providing quality service to the trucking and distribution industry. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best value in the industry.

We offer:

  • A service guarantee
  • Professional management
  • Worker’s compensation and liability insurance
  • Uniformed employees
  • Timely and accurate analysis reports
  • Long term contracts or spot support

The owners of Byron’s Pro Lumper Service, Inc. are actively involved in the business. Our original objective was to stay engaged with our customer’s freight handling needs and goals and we continue to do this, communicating on a day-to-day basis with our customers.
Byron’s Pro Lumper Service, Inc. has extensive experience in unloading and processing freight from trucks and rail cars onto loading docks.

Credibility and consistency are always our goal.

Our data system allows us to communicate billing information to our customers electronically and to generate all types of customer reports. We can create reports to view information about the unloading activities at any location. Picture evidence is attached to all analysis review reports. We have an administrative area to manage carriers, buyer an vendor accounts and enter reports. Byron’s Pro Lumper Service, Inc. is committed to being a Drug Free Work Place. This company stands ready to immediately abide by any and all safety recommendations made by our customers. We have been in the lumper business for 20 years with no losses and only one claim.

  • Challenge: To be best unloading consolidation and organization service in the business.
  • Safety: Is job one – onsite manager of safety and training.
  • Efficiency: A smooth running dock increases your productivity.
  • Accuracy: We help lower the percentage of damaged goods.
  • Organization: We provide uniformed employees with consistent on-site operation manager and supervisors.
  • Savings: Our rates are economically based on the product and breakdowns, floor load that meet warehouse shelf capacity. We analysis all loads before rates are given.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality service and well trained, efficient staff.

Byron’s Pro Consolidation and Organizing Service has experience in loading and unloading with the following machinery: fork lifts, pallet jacks, hi-lo machine, slip sheet machine, IT programs, damage reports, load consolidation and organized analysis review report, picture evidence.

Our focus is to continuously refine our services and systems to meet the needs of our customers. Raise productivity level to the highest. We look forward to a long, mutually rewarding relationship with our customers.